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House Collab (Side Project)

Task-sharer game and tracker
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The idea for ‘House Collab’ sparked on a very boring day, doing the most mundane chores – you know that tedious household work that always leads to a hopeless chore-war between you and your fellow co-inhabitants. Questioning who did what, and whether it's equitable.

This is House Collab, a fun and engaging game designed for those seeking a lighthearted way to tackle chores and responsibilities at home. It helps unite households into teams, where tasks are split on members each day, and keeps score of the accomplishments and all things related to domestic life!
Watch this space ☺

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Set up your house and create a team with your household members.


Get motivated by agreeing on a Motto for your house, and customise a task-workload that works for you.


Complete tasks by sending them to team members for review – see live progress as you go.

Work as a team towards your goals, or bring a bit of cheeky competition to the game!


No more missed events or forgotten bills – Create and assign tasks in the planner, and write to-do lists on the whiteboard for the whole team to see.

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